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Elements / EP

by Quandrant

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Elements 08:10
We will bond when pull is strong or when all moments dry Words we spake will flake and fall to ground. For the longest time I held the thought, All elements bestowed inside were cultivated by me alone. Fighting against makes the process intense, When ether pulls elements high. I can't relax when my mind interacts, Fusion binding as company thrives. Company you keep, Are instumental in creating you. Our elements, Whether weak or strong will interact. Push yourself aside changing what's inside, Push yourself aside changing what's inside of you. We will bond when pull is strong, Or when all moments dry.
Dopamine 05:50
Calling forth the ants Who take for granted when they feel; Able to connect with the world around them sense becoming real. Brain chemistry fluctuates As objects pass before your eyes, Allowing feelings to fall or rise. Connection means attachment to a world of stimuli; Words that make you laugh, And the sights that make you cry. Dopamine when blocked will disconnect the world From movement of your viscera. Emotion stabalise in a world of stimuli. Letting all the world know how you feel, Impossible without any dopamine. Calling forth the ants who seek reward from every sphere; Extroverted natures lead the way. Brain chemistry fluctuates as words vibrate inside your ears, Feelings becoming clear.
Needle pierce through skin Feelings surge within, Causing blood to stir inside. What's corsing through your blood Is not deep enough, For what I want to do with you. (do with you) I want to see holes where words have pierced through you. Skin may tingle, Muscle contract, When my words penetrate... Can my words cause you to contract? Muscles are tensing, Effects everlasting if love expands them out. Let my words pierce deeper than skin; As skin begins healing Immediate feeling grabs fibres deep within. Let moments in, Live moments out (don't pass them by) (stop asking why, just live) Bathe in my words just live; Saturate yourself, Bask in a remedy that's good for your health. (just live) Let life in, Live life out, Love without predicates. (just live)
Tripartite 06:55
To love you, honour and obey, Strikes the core of fallibility. Three ideas subsumed by one archaic ritual, Venerated as strong. Saying vows and pledging selves, To live forever forsaking what logic expels. Living through unpleasant days, To reach the summit where happiness soon fades. Particulars will try, Binding minds to life itself. Love if left to breathe, Will bring with it a moments release. When loving you is all I want to do, People always strive; Trying to define what I am feeling inside. Love can stand by itself, It does not need the power of three. When love finds love, When moments pass, We constrain it with fidelity. Love if left to breathe, Respecting how the moment could be. But when love finds love, When moments pass, We constrain it with fidelity.


Elements is the debut EP from Quandrant.


released May 7, 2014

Tracks 1-3 recorded at the Motor Museum and mastered by Acle Kahney.
Track 4 recorded at Sandhills Studios and mastered by Dom James.
Artwork designed by the band.
A big thank you to Klaas Muller for photography and Edge2Edge for the band logo design.


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Quandrant Liverpool, UK

Quandrant - Liverpool, UK
Prog / rock / metal / loud

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